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In order to maximize your data ROI, you must have the right foundations in place. We offer a full suite of solutions in the data space including (but not limited to):


At GBI we understand that clients still has a very strong need for data warehousing despite the evolutions of the industry (e.g. Big Data). Our experience tells us that clients are still seeking the latest Data Warehousing expertise at an enterprise level. We offer services in this area ranging from ETL, Data Modeling, Data Analysis, and Data Quality / Profiling.


Our definition of BI is anything that makes the business more intelligent!  We believe that Technology is an enabler to this intelligence. Therefore, our approach to BI is not only tooling, but also deep understanding of business processes. With this combination, we are able to create the best solutions for our clients. We hire multi-talented people who are able to understand business as well as technology.  Our services range from the development of simple reporting systems to the development of complex alert-based dashboards (and everything in between).


The evolution of Business “intelligence” is Analytics. The explosion of data affects every business. Therefore, it is very important to glean patterns from data and use this knowledge to help develop better marketing, better products, and better CRM.  Analytics services include the development of data mining, statistical analysis, and other advanced models around customers, products, processes, financials, and so on.


Revolution or Evolution? We believe it’s an Evolution. Big Data has always been there from the beginning. Data Volume and Variety have been constantly increasing over time so nothing is really new from this perspective. However, today, for the first time, we have technologies that help us handle this deluge. The field of Big Data is mired with names and tools that sound like a foreign language (e.g PIG, HIVE, MaHOUT, HADOOP, etc.). However, they are all designed to give the user the ability to create solutions on massive data sets.  This is a very new field and will take years to mature (just like all new evolutions in IT). However, with a partner like GBI, clients can be guaranteed results that actually help business and don’t become another technology stack to maintain.



As a leader, you are constantly trying to improve your surroundings.  All too often, you want to “test” your theories about a problem and conduct inexpensive and fast experiments.  In the corporate world, the cycle from ideation to production is too long.  Wouldn’t it be useful if you can test your theories and ideas without any risk and for a very reasonable cost?

This is exactly why the discovery workshop was invented – it gives you an inexpensive way of testing your ideas in a very rapid timeframe (typically 1 to 2 weeks).  Discovery Workshops give you great flexibility in experimenting with your ideas.  Example deliverables and investigations are listed below.  However, this is just a reference … the workshop can be totally customized to your needs. Click here for more information.